Jeannette Bogart, "The Bread Lady", in 1994, started her own cooking and baking Show on Local Public Television in Westchester, NY. Jeannette was born in Manchester, England to parents of Mediterranean and Spanish Sephardic heritage. Both of her Grandmothers were superior bakers. They both could make Baklava in their own kitchens! While attending Public School in New York City as a child, Jeannette recalls a cooking class she was given...they made chocolate chip cookies, and she says, "that was it!" From the TV show, which garnered write-ups, including a front page spread in the Westchester section of the Sunday New York Times, and a few Prizes along the way, "The Bread Lady", began working as a Demonstration Chef in New York City. Jeannette traveled around the world, as a Visiting Chef in the kitchens of Barcelona, Spain, in Sydney, Australia, and eventually, in Israel, at Hadassah College in Jerusalem. In 2006, Jeannette received her Certificate in Techniques of Healthy Living from The Culinary Arts Institute of America. She studied at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. She is among the first women  in U.S. history to be admitted into Engineering School. She combines her natural Engineering talent with her love of Nature to create New Recipes for Healthier Living. Her show, Jeannette Bogart's Best Breads aired  on Larchmont-Mamaroneck Public Television for 10 years. In 2006, "Nana Nettie's Special Recipes for her darling grandchildren" was published. Following that publication came: “Nana Nettie's Special Recipes for Healthier Living" (Translated into 5  Languages), "Ten On The House" for the discerning college crowd, and her most recent work is "The Kids Kitchen" by special request from the JDF (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation) The Kid's Kitchen is now in each of the 100 elementary school libraries in Palm Beach Florida, (as well as in all of the Charter Schools.) In addition, each of the 17,000 incoming kindergarten and pre-school children received a copy of The Kid's Kitchen, courtesy of Jeannette. It was also given to the Cooking Classes of the Rye Neck School District in Mamaroneck, NY, and is now in all Rye Neck Elementary Schools as well. Currently, Jeannette is preparing an updated (2018) version of The Little Kid's Kitchen, as well as a new Cookbook, which will be all about Breads, Muffins, Crunchies, Cobblers and Yummy Desserts. Jeannette lives in Westchester, N Y. and in Boca Raton, Florida with her husband Fred. She has three daughters and two grandsons, all of whom like to bake! She keeps herb, vegetable and flower gardens--all spray free.